Episode 4 – Movie Night pt. 1

In this first installment of a somewhat regular (yet very irregular) series, we look back at some of the most memorable movies we watched back in the days of VHS. This doesn’t mean they were good movies. In fact, most of them were horrible. Call us gluttons for punishment. Anyone can review “Coyote Ugly” or “Showgirls” but how many people have the intestinal fortitude to sit through the most obscure horror movies of the 70s, 80s and early 90s, before CGI animation ruined everything with its fancy graphics?

In this show, we dissect Skeeter and Pigs (not literally). If you haven’t seen these lost gems, then let us enlighten you about the wonders of these low-budget, barely scripted creature features. We hold nothing back in our Fantasy Reboot segment, as usual, yet Travis shows a slight change of heart for one of these films (Hint: it has lots of squealing). Enjoy!



Episode 3 – Just Say No to PSAs

Some of the tastiest morsels of goodness that were ever presented to us via the television in the 1980s did not come in the form of full-length films or prime time shows. They were commercials, after-school specials, post-show messages, or even cartoons. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were assaulting us with a constant barrage of safety messages.
Wear Your Seat Belt!” “Smoking is Bad!” “Don’t Copy That Floppy!” and of course the ubiquitous “Just Say No!”

For some reason, the Reagan administration thought the best way to fight the war on drugs was with bizarrely scripted, in-your-face messages that show 10-year-olds who somehow have easy access to pounds of marijuana, bottles of booze and crack, who are insistent on giving it away so others can do it with them.

In this episode, we recount some of our favorite PSAs and review the classic after-school specials “Stoned” and “Straight Up.” We introduce our now-classic (because I said so) “Fantasy Reboot” segment and close with a brief philosophical debate on the effectiveness of drug prevention awareness. Oh and we make fun of Scott Baio and Travis declares a still-living celebrity dead. Enjoy!


Episode 2 – Garbage Pail Kids

Oh yeah, you definitely remember that… at one point Garbage Pail Kids were collected and traded on the black market like cigarettes in a prison yard. Except it was in the elementary school parking lot instead. In case you forgot (or tried to), they actually made a live action movie starring the Garbage Pail Kids. We re-watched it just for your entertainment, so the least you could do is listen!

In this episode, we reflect on our misspent youth collecting GPK cards and name our favorites. After the break, we review the even-worse-than-you-were-afraid-it-might-be Garbage Pail Kids movie. We harp on the misguided intentions of the film makers and offer some helpful suggestions. Hint: more puke! This episode is truly a collector’s dream. That is, it would be if you could conceivably collect podcasts and then sell them back years later for lots of money. Enjoy!


Episode 1 – Midnight Madness

When it came to planning our first podcast show, the topic was a no-brainer. Our favorite 80s movie, (quite possibly the best movie ever created in the history of mankind) Midnight Madness, was ahead of its time on many levels. We begin by breaking down the plot and proceed to explain how the majority of hit films and a number of star careers for the next 30 years were influenced by Midnight Madness (seriously). We also re-imagine a modern version of this movie as only we can…(now known as our ever-popular “Fantasy Reboot” segment.)

Join Travis and Pierre, two friends who grew up with way too much free time in their childhood, as we reminisce and dissect the finer points of this cinematic masterpiece.

Enjoy our first episode! If you like what you hear, please Share, Like, Follow, Tweet, and consider renting a plane with a banner proclaiming your love for us on it over AT&T Stadium.


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