Episode 8 – The Bass That Ate Miami

“Throw the D***,” “Scrub Da Ground,” “Tootsie Roll,” “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya,” “Get Your A** Off the Stage.”

This may sound like Cinemax’s Friday night lineup, but these are all actually classic songs in the Miami bass music scene. Bass is everywhere in music nowadays, not just hip-hop. But if you think listening to “All About That Bass” on the radio gives you an idea of what bass music is about, let us educate you (I would break your radio if that’s really what you listen to, but since I can’t, this podcast will have to suffice).

Miami experienced major social and political changes in the early 80s, which is reflected in its culture. Sure, Miami Vice and Scarface are part of that, but in the inner cities near Overtown and Liberty City, there was a musical revolution going on. Electronic music incorporated with heavy bass and fast rapping took over Miami and eventually spread to influence hip-hop all over the country. We visit with another longtime friend and Miami native, Ruben Veliz, to tell stories of growing up in Miami throughout the 80s as teens immersed in that culture. We begin with early memories of the time and list our musical influences. Ruben tells how he illegally obtained a banned record despite being 13 at the time, Travis gives the Hammocks suburbs street cred and Pierre admits he just can’t quit bass music. Enjoy!



Episode 7 – Wrestlemania


See what I did there – I replaced “wrestling” with… never mind. Hey, if you’re going to do a WWF show, you gotta go big. In this episode we wax poetic about the elegant male ballet/soap opera that was WWF wrestling in the 80s. Yes, we know that WWE is the same brand and wrestling still exists, but it is nothing like it used to be and we explain why.

We start the show by bringing up long-forgotten names in the wrestling game. Then, Travis tells his tale of seeing wrestling live with his grandma and Pierre explains to properly watch scrambled cable TV signals. In the second half, we recap Wrestlemania 1 & 2 by reviewing the best matches. Plus, we almost interview an ex-WWF star (write me back Tito Santana!) Finally, we introduce a new segment (with more original music) called “Where are they now?” You can play along at home too! Grand prize: maybe we’ll mail you one of our old wrestling action figures if we can find it in the attic…  Enjoy!



Episode 6 – Cold War Kids

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Cold War Kid… wait, wrong 80s reference.

Many people remember the 80s as a simpler time: before Al Gore invented the internet and computers ruled the earth, when Bruce Jenner was on the Wheaties box for being a great male athlete, and when Bill Cosby was the American ideal of a husband and father. One thing that seems to almost be forgotten is that in this era of bright spandex outifts, synthesized music, and rampant individualism, we were at constant threat of being blown to hell by nuclear war. Of course, the Cold War officially ended with the end of the decade itself and Soviets were no longer mortal enemies. Throughout the 80s though, we fully embraced the idea of USA vs. Russia as the definition of Good vs. Evil, which was reflected in the media of the time.

In this episode, we recount our impressions of growing up under constant threat of nuclear holocaust as children. Travis reveals some of his anxieties, while Pierre reveals his naivete. We then review two of our favorite films (ever), Red Dawn and Wargames and break down their relevance today in the post Cold-War era. Finally, we introduce a new segment (complete with theme music) called “In the Future,” where we play Nostradamus. Pierre admits to being an unabashed zombie-lover and confesses still he doesn’t understand what a “hipster” is. Travis tells us why the Terminator movies should not be considered science-fiction and scares us all to death with his predictions. Enjoy!


Episode 5 – Gillian Bellinger

In this special episode, we are happy to have our first guest – and it’s a good one. Gillian Bellinger is a comedienne, actress and quite possibly the funniest AND nicest human being we have ever met. With a resume too long to post here (check it out at www.gillianbellinger.com/), she is truly a triple threat. OK, maybe she doesn’t sing or dance but you get the idea. In the first segment, we discuss Gillian’s comedy career, growing up in Texas, and her starring role in the Red Letter Media cult classic “Feeding Frenzy.” In the latter half of the show, Gillian helps us review one of her favorite childhood movies, “My Demon Lover.” We take a hilarious look at this not-quite-classic film and she even joins us in the ever-popular Fantasy Reboot. This is surely our finest episode yet! Tell us what you think by commenting below.

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