Friday the 13th

On Friday, February 13, 2015, something happened… an event that will live on forever… Basically, we decided “Hey we should do a show about Friday the 13th!” But it was too late, so we waited until Friday the 13th in March and a few weeks later here you go. (The internet will live forever BTW)

Did you know there are 3 occurrences of Friday the 13th this year? Did you know that won’t happen again for 11 years and only happens on non-leap years when New Year’s Day is on a Thursday? Did you know the irrational fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia? Did you know Jason Voorhees was not originally intended to be the main character in the movies at all? Wow, you don’t know very much do you?

Listen to this episode for some mind-blowing facts and more jokes than you can stab with a rusty knife. Our special guest, Carl Almasy Coccaro, helps us review every single Friday the 13th movie in the original series (we don’t do reboots.) He also makes a startling discovery involving the Muppets that could change everything you ever thought you knew. Put on your hockey masks and jump in, the water’s fine.


Star Trek TOS Pt. 2 – RIP Spock

In part two of our Spocktacular Star Trek podcast, we break down the movies starring the original cast. Well, we mainly talk about Wrath of Khan and how great it was. We also recap and compare Star Trek movies 1 – 6, including more obscure facts. Finally, Pierre tries to stump Travis and special guest David with Trekkie trivia and fails miserably, leading one to naturally question how active our social lives really were in high school.

LLAP (for all you non-Trekkies, that stands for “Listen, Laugh And Ponder-the-meaning-of-your-existence-in-this-vast-emptiness-of-space-otherwise-devoid-of-life-and-any-apparent-purpose).

Star Trek TOS Pt. 1 – RIP Spock

Leonard Nimoy was not only the most memorable actor on Star Trek, he made Spock and, in turn the whole show, what it was. He also happened to be a damn good director. This show is dedicated to his memory and the sci-fi phenomenon that is Star Trek. Not the new Hollywood blockbusters that loosely interpret the canon or the hundreds of spin-offs that have Klingons as Starfleet captains. We’re talking TOS (that’s The Original Series of course).

Our guest David Valadez explains why he is a Trekker, not a Trekkie and what that even means. David and Travis exchange obscure Trek facts while Pierre smiles and nods. Dave also manages to answer half my surprise trivia questions before I even ask them – until I finally manage to stump him on one surprisingly. Or as Spock would say, “Irritating… ah yes, another one of your Earth emotions.”  We had so much to talk about, we made this another two-parter. Enjoy!

Episode 10 – Movies Adaptations of Video Games

“This game would make a great movie!” said many horribly misguided movie executives. This trend is not stopping any time soon either folks, so be on the lookout for Angry Birds and Temple Run in your local movie theater soon!

It all began in 1993 with one of the most beloved and popular video game franchises of all time being completely bastardized and turned into someone’s steampunk nightmare. If you have not seen the Super Mario Brothers movie, spare yourself and we’ll save you the pain by summarizing it for you. It was followed by a couple of movies based on fighting games, Street Fighter and Double Dragon, which were equally disappointing.

In part two of our Video Game Spectacular, we suffer through re-living these movies and try to convince Hollywood to never ever do this again. In “Fantasy Reboot” Pierre finds a way to make Super Mario Bros even more terrifying and tries to ruin your childhood. Travis suggests that Street Fighter should have some more, hmmm, I don’t know, fighting? and also attempts to bring Kurt Russell into a starring role again. Enjoy.

Episode 9 – Video Games: Past, Present, and Future

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this…

Who are we kidding? We had all of those systems. In fact, we were practically raised by video games. This is why we swore long-ago our first-born sons would be named “Link” or “Shinobi.” (Fortunately neither of us have sons… at least not that we know of. I tried to name one of my daughters Zelda but for some reason my wife vetoed it).

In the first half of this two part extravaganza, we chronicle the earliest days of home consoles starting with the wonderful Intellivision. We then evaluate two decades worth of video game history in about 20 minutes (impressive, right?). Pierre explains why he always has been and always will be a gamer (who needs a social life?) Travis then says the complete opposite and labels himself a “last-gen gamer.” Join us for an 8-bit stroll through memory lane. We don’t even mention E.T. for the Atari 2600 – promise!