Supermodels Badly Acting

A supermodel has one job – sit there and look pretty. Occasionally, one of the mega-supermodel types will venture out and try new things like talking or even acting. Usually, this ends badly (see Tyra Banks Show.) While we certainly appreciate these women for more than the eye candy they are, given our personal experience watching their attempts at acting, we can safely recommend sticking to magazine covers.

In this episode, we remember the glorious days of pinup calendars, magazines and adolescent idealizations of the female figure. Don’t worry, it’s not as dirty as it sounds. We mainly review the movies. First, we revisit “Necessary Roughness” from 1991. The college football answer to “Major League” except not nearly as funny and substitute Charlie Sheen for Scott Bakula. Kathy Ireland puts in her best acting performance to date (because she barely has any spoken lines.) We briefly considered reviewing “Alien From L.A.” but MST3K has already done that movie justice, so we let it be.

After the break, we dare to sit through an entire viewing of “Fair Game” starring Cindy Crawford and one of the Baldwins not named Alec. If you think that being set in Miami, having lots of explosions and Cindy Crawford undressing are enough to make this movie worth watching, you are dead wrong. We thought that too. Check out the last 15 minutes for possibly our worst attempt ever to explain the “plot” of this movie as Travis is forced to spontaneously create a new segment. Enjoy!


Movie Night – Arnold’s Greatest Hits

When you think Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first thing that probably comes to mind is “The Terminator.” The next thing is probably wondering how the hell he became governor. And what was up with that whole maid thing? I mean, I could understand if she was really attractive, but come on Arnold, you can do better…

The point is, he has made as many popular movies as any action star in our generation but the ones we consider his best are not necessarily the biggest names (we are so rebellious). In this show, we review Arnold’s greatest hits “The Running Man” and “Total Recall.” We tell you what makes these movies unique among his collection of hit films and dig up little-known information about them. We end with the recurring segment “In the Future” and ponder life on Mars, memory implants and sadistic game shows.

If you think about it, listening to this podcast is sort of like having a cranial implant that brings back all the best memories of the 80s. Just a warning, if you post any negative reviews we will hunt you down and have your memory erased. Enjoy!