Yes, I Recall That… Book Study

Once upon a time, in a society far different than ours, there existed a form of media that did not use apps or require mouse clicks. Although you were required to touch it in order to properly change pages, if you were to run your fingers over the words it would just get them all black and smudged. I am referring to books, of course. Not the kind on your Kindle or iPad, but the kind that sit on peoples’ bookshelves at home to prove that they are literate when strangers visit.

We sit down with Jay Friedman, host of the wonderful podcast “I Don’t Even Own a Television.” (Spoiler: he actually does, but it is a clever title nonetheless). We review famous movie adaptations of novels, with a special focus on one of our favorite authors, Stephen King. King, of course, is best known for inspiring the Children of the Corn movie series, all the way up to part 666.

Jay joins us for an informative analysis of the literary subculture as we dissect the cinematographic aspects of… look, we talk about books, OK? For double the pleasure, we do “In the Future” AND “Fantasy Reboot” segments. We also agree that Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown never will and never should be replicated again. Enjoy!