Rebootmania w/ Jerrod Kingery

Let’s face it – not a day goes by that Hollywood doesn’t announce another reboot/remake/regurgitation of a movie or TV show from the 80s that has no business getting remade. (I’m still holding out for the ALF prequel personally.) Not coincidentally, most of the movies we’ve discussed on this podcast already have remakes, Garbage Pail Kids aside.

In this episode, we bring in film critic Jerrod Kingery from and the CineSnob podcast. Aside from also being a former San Antonio resident, he shares a love for movies new and old, good and god-awful. We go through the laundry list of remakes out this year and decide their worth. We also talk a little MST3K because we just can’t help it. Finally, we had no choice but to do a “Fantasy Reboot” where we each pick a movie that actually should be rebooted but surprisingly hasn’t been yet. After you hear this episode, make sure to check out Enjoy!


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