They Live

This week we pay tribute to another wrestling legend who passed away too soon. Rowdy Roddy Piper (yes, Ronda Rousey took the nickname from him) was one of the iconic villains of the WWF. We covered his great rivalry with Hulk Hogan in one of our first episodes about Wrestlemania. Did you know he also went on to have quite the acting career? Well, neither did we. But we did remember this movie, because it is a classic. OK, let’s say cult classic.

We remember Roddy Piper and then dissect the nuances of the complex plot of John Carpenter’s magnum opus (yup, still talking about They Live). Pierre reminds loyal listeners (Hi Mom!) of the time 5 weeks ago that he imagined a Fantasy Reboot of this movie starring Dwayne Johnson. Travis retells his story from the time he went with his grandma to see Roddy Piper at the James Knight Center in Miami. Yes, we are running out of material… Enjoy anyway!


Rebootmania w/ Jerrod Kingery

Let’s face it – not a day goes by that Hollywood doesn’t announce another reboot/remake/regurgitation of a movie or TV show from the 80s that has no business getting remade. (I’m still holding out for the ALF prequel personally.) Not coincidentally, most of the movies we’ve discussed on this podcast already have remakes, Garbage Pail Kids aside.

In this episode, we bring in film critic Jerrod Kingery from and the CineSnob podcast. Aside from also being a former San Antonio resident, he shares a love for movies new and old, good and god-awful. We go through the laundry list of remakes out this year and decide their worth. We also talk a little MST3K because we just can’t help it. Finally, we had no choice but to do a “Fantasy Reboot” where we each pick a movie that actually should be rebooted but surprisingly hasn’t been yet. After you hear this episode, make sure to check out Enjoy!

Superman vs. Batman – 80s style

Remember when Batman and Superman didn’t hate each other or have deep-seated emotional issues? Remember when they were strong enough to carry their own movies? These days, it seems you need at least 2 other superheroes and/or 10 named villains to join the fray for a superhero film (looking at you Avengers). In this episode we take a look back at the Superman and Batman films we grew up with in the 80s, before superhero movies were an everyday occurrence. (Seriously, Ant Man??)

We start by analyzing the iconic Christopher Reeve role of Superman, with an all-star cast that included Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty, and Marlon Brando. In the second half, we review Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. We conclude with “In the Future” where we hope and wish for a Solomon Grundy feature film. Don’t tell us he was in the Legion of Doom, to us and zombies everywhere, he’s a hero.

Superman and Batman

Yes, I Recall That… Book Study

Once upon a time, in a society far different than ours, there existed a form of media that did not use apps or require mouse clicks. Although you were required to touch it in order to properly change pages, if you were to run your fingers over the words it would just get them all black and smudged. I am referring to books, of course. Not the kind on your Kindle or iPad, but the kind that sit on peoples’ bookshelves at home to prove that they are literate when strangers visit.

We sit down with Jay Friedman, host of the wonderful podcast “I Don’t Even Own a Television.” (Spoiler: he actually does, but it is a clever title nonetheless). We review famous movie adaptations of novels, with a special focus on one of our favorite authors, Stephen King. King, of course, is best known for inspiring the Children of the Corn movie series, all the way up to part 666.

Jay joins us for an informative analysis of the literary subculture as we dissect the cinematographic aspects of… look, we talk about books, OK? For double the pleasure, we do “In the Future” AND “Fantasy Reboot” segments. We also agree that Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown never will and never should be replicated again. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Episode All of ’em

Too obvious? Too bad. We did a Star Wars episode. Yes, everyone remembers Star Wars… so we don’t just summarize the movies. In this show, we examine the cultural impact of parts IV-VI, debate the worth of the prequels (which according to Travis is absolutely zero), and make predictions for The Force Awakens.

We don’t tackle this alone though. Not one, but two guests join us to analyze the biggest global cultural phenomenon since The Monkees. Our first ever returning guest, Carl Almasy, helps us recount growing up around the Star Wars era. Then, Bulent Hasan from Gen X-Wing podcast (also available on iTunes and Stitcher) gives us the Canadian perspective. He happens to know quite a bit about the cinematography and artistic aspects of film history as well. Enjoy!

The MST3K episode with Josh aka The Wizard

It was just a matter of time before we did a Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast, considering it is the show we spent half our lives watching as teenagers. In this show we interview special guest Josh, who has been featured on “Best of the Worst” at He knows a thing or two about horrible movies as he makes apparent right away.

We share first memories of watching MST3K, pick favorite episodes and then debate which movie is really the worst of the worst, which almost turns into a slap fight over Skype. Josh also fills us in on his work with RLM and his musical career. MSTies and Red Letter Media fans alike – this is a can’t miss show. Unless you never read this, in which case you would miss it just fine and never know any different. Think about it won’t you? Thank you.

Supermodels Badly Acting

A supermodel has one job – sit there and look pretty. Occasionally, one of the mega-supermodel types will venture out and try new things like talking or even acting. Usually, this ends badly (see Tyra Banks Show.) While we certainly appreciate these women for more than the eye candy they are, given our personal experience watching their attempts at acting, we can safely recommend sticking to magazine covers.

In this episode, we remember the glorious days of pinup calendars, magazines and adolescent idealizations of the female figure. Don’t worry, it’s not as dirty as it sounds. We mainly review the movies. First, we revisit “Necessary Roughness” from 1991. The college football answer to “Major League” except not nearly as funny and substitute Charlie Sheen for Scott Bakula. Kathy Ireland puts in her best acting performance to date (because she barely has any spoken lines.) We briefly considered reviewing “Alien From L.A.” but MST3K has already done that movie justice, so we let it be.

After the break, we dare to sit through an entire viewing of “Fair Game” starring Cindy Crawford and one of the Baldwins not named Alec. If you think that being set in Miami, having lots of explosions and Cindy Crawford undressing are enough to make this movie worth watching, you are dead wrong. We thought that too. Check out the last 15 minutes for possibly our worst attempt ever to explain the “plot” of this movie as Travis is forced to spontaneously create a new segment. Enjoy!

Movie Night – Arnold’s Greatest Hits

When you think Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first thing that probably comes to mind is “The Terminator.” The next thing is probably wondering how the hell he became governor. And what was up with that whole maid thing? I mean, I could understand if she was really attractive, but come on Arnold, you can do better…

The point is, he has made as many popular movies as any action star in our generation but the ones we consider his best are not necessarily the biggest names (we are so rebellious). In this show, we review Arnold’s greatest hits “The Running Man” and “Total Recall.” We tell you what makes these movies unique among his collection of hit films and dig up little-known information about them. We end with the recurring segment “In the Future” and ponder life on Mars, memory implants and sadistic game shows.

If you think about it, listening to this podcast is sort of like having a cranial implant that brings back all the best memories of the 80s. Just a warning, if you post any negative reviews we will hunt you down and have your memory erased. Enjoy!

Friday the 13th

On Friday, February 13, 2015, something happened… an event that will live on forever… Basically, we decided “Hey we should do a show about Friday the 13th!” But it was too late, so we waited until Friday the 13th in March and a few weeks later here you go. (The internet will live forever BTW)

Did you know there are 3 occurrences of Friday the 13th this year? Did you know that won’t happen again for 11 years and only happens on non-leap years when New Year’s Day is on a Thursday? Did you know the irrational fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia? Did you know Jason Voorhees was not originally intended to be the main character in the movies at all? Wow, you don’t know very much do you?

Listen to this episode for some mind-blowing facts and more jokes than you can stab with a rusty knife. Our special guest, Carl Almasy Coccaro, helps us review every single Friday the 13th movie in the original series (we don’t do reboots.) He also makes a startling discovery involving the Muppets that could change everything you ever thought you knew. Put on your hockey masks and jump in, the water’s fine.

Star Trek TOS Pt. 2 – RIP Spock

In part two of our Spocktacular Star Trek podcast, we break down the movies starring the original cast. Well, we mainly talk about Wrath of Khan and how great it was. We also recap and compare Star Trek movies 1 – 6, including more obscure facts. Finally, Pierre tries to stump Travis and special guest David with Trekkie trivia and fails miserably, leading one to naturally question how active our social lives really were in high school.

LLAP (for all you non-Trekkies, that stands for “Listen, Laugh And Ponder-the-meaning-of-your-existence-in-this-vast-emptiness-of-space-otherwise-devoid-of-life-and-any-apparent-purpose).