Star Wars: Episode All of ’em

Too obvious? Too bad. We did a Star Wars episode. Yes, everyone remembers Star Wars… so we don’t just summarize the movies. In this show, we examine the cultural impact of parts IV-VI, debate the worth of the prequels (which according to Travis is absolutely zero), and make predictions for The Force Awakens.

We don’t tackle this alone though. Not one, but two guests join us to analyze the biggest global cultural phenomenon since The Monkees. Our first ever returning guest, Carl Almasy, helps us recount growing up around the Star Wars era. Then, Bulent Hasan from Gen X-Wing podcast (also available on iTunes and Stitcher) gives us the Canadian perspective. He happens to know quite a bit about the cinematography and artistic aspects of film history as well. Enjoy!


The MST3K episode with Josh aka The Wizard

It was just a matter of time before we did a Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast, considering it is the show we spent half our lives watching as teenagers. In this show we interview special guest Josh, who has been featured on “Best of the Worst” at He knows a thing or two about horrible movies as he makes apparent right away.

We share first memories of watching MST3K, pick favorite episodes and then debate which movie is really the worst of the worst, which almost turns into a slap fight over Skype. Josh also fills us in on his work with RLM and his musical career. MSTies and Red Letter Media fans alike – this is a can’t miss show. Unless you never read this, in which case you would miss it just fine and never know any different. Think about it won’t you? Thank you.